Friday, October 2, 2009

Info For Race Participants This Sunday

Hi all you great supporters and fundraisers for the Race for the Cure!

Gail and Carol, the two race team leaders, have gotten together and have both arranged for everyone to meet at my house, 1007 McPherson Avenue, at 8:30 Sunday morning before the race. That way, if I'm feeling like crap, I can still see you all and be part of the group photo. And we're quite close to Diefenbaker Park, so it will be on the way for many of you.

Keep in mind while you're planning breakfast that I will have juice, muffins and fruit available here for everyone.

Let's try for group photo at 8:20.

Now that I'll be on steroids (essentially uppers) for longer than today, I'm more hopeful that I just MIGHT be able to actually participate in the walk!! I am very excited about that prospect. I feel better today than I've felt for the past three weeks. And I'm really hoping for that one predisone side effect I read about ... "inappropriate happiness"!! Doesn't that sound like the best way to get through the rest of the crappy side effects?! It's also duly noted that it gives me a lot of behavioural leeway ... hmmmm ... beware of inappropriate happiness.

Looking forward to Sunday, everyone. Please wind and rain, stay away!

By the way, isn't this a great photo. I first saw it on a placemat that Shelley had saved from an event she had attended and she sent to me for my amusement. I was going to track down the online image and then Lyn just happened to send this one. Easy! CUTE!

A special thanks must be given to all the wonderful supporters who have sponsored us for this good cause! In just online donations alone, our two teams have raised well over $4,000 and that's before the non-online donations have been added in. That is AWESOME!! I must send a special shout-out to my home communities of Kyle and White Bear, where Mom collected on my behalf. My home communities has been very generous and supportive and for that, I'm both touched and grateful.



  1. Hi Heather - wonderful to hear you are feeling so good today! Credit for the cute picture has to go to Wendy Clayton, as she sent me the email yesterday aft - it is adorable though, isn't it??

    See you Sunday!


  2. Hi, Heather. Cratchet here ready to go for the last Five. Just thrilled to hear that this is a good day and you can slip out and do some stuff.Also what a fantastic amount of fund raising so far! Cheri and crew plus I have raised $300.00 so I will go to C.I.B.C this aft with that. See you tomorrow but will chat perhaps before that re the time of my visit.
    Love, Syl.

  3. Yea for Kyle & White Bear! You can't beat small towns for their love & support. Makes me proud to say I am from one.



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