Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Whole Running/Walking Shebang!

Here! I do have a good photo! I'm the demure one! Like I said, I'm so touched and appreciative of all of you who are participating in the Run for the Cure in my honour and in the honour of all other women who have, are and will be going through this nasty breast cancer business. May researchers soon find the answers!!

You are such a vibrant, joyful, kind-hearted, caring bunch and I love you all. Thanks so much.

Thanks to the photographers, too. Darrel and Kevin. And thanks for baking and hosting, too, Kevin.

Click on the photo to see a large version.



  1. Cheering you all on (from the sidelines)! Thanks team.

  2. So sorry I couldn't be there to run with you all today; I sponsored Norma in my absence. Looks like the weather co-operated, way better than here in Ottawa, where it is grey and damp, though not too cold. Sorry to miss what looks to have been a grand and happy pre-run gathering as well; the joy just jumps out of the photograph. The camaradarie of that type of event can't be beat. Hope you were feeling well enough to take part, Heather, though I can imagine the numb feet and wobbly balance issues may have kept you at home. Keep that crazy glue handy for your nails. It was at the end of the chemo that our friend had his problems. But the glue worked.

    Hope the events of the day gave you a lift and helped mitigate some of those annoying side-effects. But this is the end of them!! Just focus on that trip to Vancouver and enjoy your inappropriate happiness.


  3. Hi Nora!

    Thanks for reminding me again about the crazy glue trick and the timing of your friend's episode. I'm not out of the woods yet and this tip may yet come in handy!

    Even though I didn't participate in the walk, I loved seeing everyone and I had a lot of laughs and everyone's crazy, enthusiastic spirit was infectious! I laughed a lot and laughing is good!

    I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL VANCOUVER! CAN'T WAIT! It will mark, for me, what I'm sure will turn out to have been the most awful part of this whole ordeal. It will be heavenly to see Hannah and to just hang out before moving into the next stages of treatment. Kevin's due for a getaway, too!

    Hey, Laurel! I hope you had a good weekend with Dave's folks and with all your kids, both human and furry!


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