Friday, October 2, 2009

Morning After LAST Chemo Update

"I feel good, yeah! You knew that I would, yeah!"

Well, I do!! I woke up well rested (thanks, sleeping pill), my ankles aren't quite so puffy ... yet. My face isn't too hot or red ... yet. No annoying twinges or aches in my PICC-line arm!! AWESOME!! I was able to sleep without having to carefully position my arm. RELIEF!! I realize that a lot of my feel-goodness is coming from the dexamethasone, but I'll take it and I'm hoping the following 2 weeks on prednisone has a similar effect. Hey! I can probably better face the more troublesome side effects as long as I get the "upper effect" as well and, hopefully the "innappropriate happiness" one, too. That make me laugh every time. Hmmmm ... maybe I'm already getting it!

My Mom has been here working her Mom magic. Dishes are now done regularly. All the laundry is caught up. Bedding changed. House tidying. Thanks, Mom.

Sylvia sent last night's dinner and some freezer ones to tide us through the next little while. Thanks, Syl! She'll be on board this week, too, to give the LAST SERIES of neupogen injections ... 5 left. AND THEN NO MORE!!

Anita stopped by last night with some aromatherapy and skin enhancing treats! Now that I'll soon be able to have a REAL luxury bath, I'll so look forward to being able to indulge in nice things like these, Anita. Thanks, so much and especially for your visit. Thanks for sharing your experiences with prednisone with me, too. It was good for me to hear and encouraging, too.

Lyn left a little treat for me in our mailbox, too. I'll certainly enjoy a nice hot mug of hot chocolate or tea in this special mug ... a reminder of hope ... Thanks, Lyn. And thanks, too, for the sneak peak at the wedding photos! BEAUTIFUL!!! How will you ever choose? You might have to just get them all!

Thanks, everyone for your emails, comments, phone calls and for all the supporting and caring wishes that are breezing to me somehow. I know you're thinking of me and empowering me when you do.

I feel so good today, I'm going to get that bit of shopping done that I've been wanting to do for the past week when I thought I'd feel well enough to do it and then, sadly, didn't. Strike while the iron's hot!


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