Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm Leavin' On A Jet Plane ...

I'm packed and ready to go. Dinner with Hannah tonight!

I had bloodwork done early this morning, I came home and packed and, for the last hour, I've been on the couch with my feet elevated. My ankles are wider than the widest part of my foot and my feet hurt from the pressure. They're a little better after elevating my feet. I'm taking the lasix but I'm not seeing any difference. Hopefully it will kick in. Hopefully. Man, oh man, I wish they would go back to normal.

Regardless, I'm going. Today! I hope to update while I'm away, since I'll probably have to spend a certain amount of time there laying around with my feet in the air.


  1. Hoping you had a great flight, and less swelling!

    Hi, Hannah. I am sure you are spoiling your mom -- all good!

    Check your email,, Heather,...your angels left you a special message :)


  2. Hey Bonnie!

    I see an email from my angels! I'll get back to you on that now that I'm **sniff** home!


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