Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Whole Run For The Cure Bunch!

Carol just sent me this photo of the whole Run for the Cure bunch! Aren't they a beatiful sight?! They sure are to me. Thanks so much everyone, for being such active team members. I love this picture.

Click on the photo to see a bigger version of it.


  1. Hey Heather.....Thanks for the photo of the whole group of us. They did not send that one to me...We do look marrrrvellous don't we? I was proud to be out there for ya!! Next year you will be with us , maybe walking in Peggy's boots?
    I thought not.....Anyway send me a copy of the nutrition log if you get a minute ...thanks. It looks helpful. SOOOOO glad to hear that you don't have to have more surgery. Tough decision I am sure but you made the right one I am sure. Not going under the knife is always the right call as far as I am concerned. Now for the next step the radiation. You will do fine I am sure. You are one tough cookie you know!!! If I ever find myself in a similar predicament I will run straight to you for advice and encouragement and knowledge.....Have a GREAT time in Vancouver.....see you when you get back. "The light inside of me salutes the light inside of you...Namaste"............Gail

  2. Hi Gail!

    My light is saluting yours, too ... Namaste! I love that!

    Lord forbid you ever NEED my advise on any of this garbage. Please don't go there. EVER!! Take care of yourself and take preventative action now and know your own boobies.

    Next year for the walk ... and I fully expect to be there ... I really should honour Peggy's fete (and feet) by walking in heels. I'll think about it. It's been a while since I've been in heels. I could always circumnavigate Walmart with Peggy for practice.

    I'll send you my nutrition log.

    You have a good week and I'll see you the following weekend at splurge!


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