Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sidewalk Decoupage

Wet, colourful leaves are EVERYWHERE! Mostly on sidewalks. I'm fascinated by the different leaves and colours and the way they're scattered about. I have to be careful not to walk into poles.

I spent much time yesterday in the hotel room. Hannah was at school until after lunch so I decided to stay put and rest up while Kevin went on a morning excursion. We later met up with Hannah and did "stuff". Poked about ... a little of this and that ... and then back to our hotel room for a relaxing drink (two sips of wine for me before I forgot it was there).

Hannah had tickets for a dance/music club event last night at a place right next door to our hotel so she went back to her place to regroup and get ready for the evening while Kevin and I both fell asleep. The difference is that he woke up when his alarm went off and I wouldn't wake even up after he tried half a dozen times to wake me. I was OUT! That NEVER happens with me. I finally woke up ... very groggy ... just when he was about to give up. In fact, he'd already left a note. I became just alert enough to understand that he was meeting Hannah and friends for dinner and did I want to come. No. I went immediately back to sleep and was out for another hour or more. I guess I needed that. They came back after dinner and brought me some. Kevin then joined Hannah and her friends for some fun next door while I watched movies, explored quilting blogs, and kept my feet up. I'm better for having taken a slower day I think. I feel good this morning and am so bold as to wear a skirt this morning! A skirt may be a bit premature with my ankles but I was getting sick of the bottoms of my pants being soaked. And my ankles aren't so puffy this morning. A bit but not awful.

We're meeting Hannah (and friends?) for breakfast soon.
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