Friday, October 2, 2009

What A Day! Is this a girl on chemo??!!

As you may have guessed, I'm feeling very good today! Finally, I was able to do the shopping that I had hoped to do last week. Mom and I hit the midtown and covered the whole place. We mailed stuff, stopped at the bank, paid bills, got my clinique things ... with a bonus (gotta love a bonus), bought something pink for Sunday and ... well, maybe for any day (if Kevin likes ... oooh-la-la ... say no more! Don't let your imaginations run wild ... it's safe enough for a photo but I'll hold out for dramatic effect.). And we even had lunch at the food court. Taco time. It's been a very long time since I indulged in mexi fries. So sue me for eating unhealthy today.

What a day!! And I didn't get shaky once and, during the afternoon, my face even lightened up a bit. It was pretty red this morning and early afternoon.

So we're home again and I STILL feel good. Yahoo!

I do have a message, though, from the Champion Centre asking me to come in for bloodwork next Wednesday. This makes me wonder if there was something a little odd about my bloodwork this week or if the extra drugs I'm now on might throw something off, such as my gal-dang liver! I'm going to call tomorrow and see what I can find out. I like to know the why of things.

Oh, and Kevin has some VERY EXCITING news for me today!! I am so excited!!! He has booked me a flight to Vancouver at the end of October!! He has a conference/meetings there for a few days mid-week and the timing is such that I should be feeling much better by then or, at least, steadily improving. We haven't been to Vancouver for a couple of years, not since Luke moved to Kentucky. It's hard when our kids are in opposite directions and prior to the Kentucky move, it seemed Luke was usually playing lacrosse in BC anyway every year and so we could always tie it in with a visit to see Hannah, too. We're long overdue in getting out there to see her in her world and I can't wait. She's in a new place that we've never seen and I know she's excited about the prospect of us seeing it and being able to spend some time with her there. And the timing is good for her, too, because it's after her mid-terms. She can't be half as excited as I am!! So, there you go. My prize at the end of chemo. A trip with Kevin to see our girl! That makes up for the lack of official celebration at the Champion Centre! Happy! Happy! Happy!!

Added Note: Am I too happy? Am I, perhaps, INAPPROPRIATELY HAPPY? I hope so!!

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  1. Hey, girl. You deserve a vacation! I am so excited for you!

    See you in the morning... early!



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