Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Support Hose!

Here are my support ho's before the Run for the Cure. Aren't they the craziest but most gorgeous bunch?! Gail made this amazing banner. Notice the hose? Tee hee! Ho's of all nationalities! And me ... their pimp! I'd better relish the power while I have it! GO HO'S!! THANKS, HO'S!!

I don't yet have a good picture of the whole bunch. Yes, there are lots more!! Please email me one, somebody, so I can show it off. I am so thrilled with the bunch who showed up here for breakfast this morning and my heart can hardly express the breadth of my appreciation for all of you who are participating on my behalf. I appreciate it so much along with all your joy, good humour, kind hearts and continued support and care. HUGS TO YOU ALL!!

PS: Click on the photo to see a larger image!


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  1. Cheering you all and thanks team from one who couldn't be there!


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