Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm Not Worthy!

I have to express my gratitude to Kevin. He deserves a gold star. No, he deserves a few days in Vancouver with an appreciative wife.

He has come home from his long days at work for the past two nights and has cooked healthy dinners for us all, stopping on the way home to pick up some interesting deli salads. Last night, after listening to Mom try to figure out directions so she could drive through the city, in the dark of night, to a whole new subdivision that might as well be no-man's land to us, let alone Mom finding it, Kevin graciously offered to take her there so she could see Lynn's new condo. While he was there, I think he fixed something on Lynn's new tv, too. Mr. Handy. Then he rented a funny movie on the way back to make me laugh --- (by the way, we both agreed it's a TOTAL dud! Don't watch that new cave man one with Jack Black. It's is AWFUL! So AWFUL, it's almost funny! Almost.).

He does all this after having had such a long day on Wednesday when he had to get up extra early to drive to Esterhazy for work and he drove back home that same evening ... the equivalent of driving to Banff for the day. And then this morning he has to be in Regina for meetings for the next couple of days. No complaints. Always a smile.

I'm feeling overwhelmed with gratitude and if you see him about, stick a gold star on his forehead or buy him a coffee.

He'll be embarrassed but I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge how wonderful he's been and how I love him for it.


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