Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Luke Shrine

Kevin came home last night from Regina where he accepted the Russell Slobodian Memorial Award (Saskatchewan Lacrosse Association's Athlete of the Year Award) in Luke's behalf at the annual banquet. Here's the award perched among Luke's other lacrosse honours from this summer. This is our shrine to Luke. His academic honours are in his file. They're not so visible, though at least as important. Previous years awards and medals have all been moved upstairs. Perhaps we should build an addition to house them all.

Kevin thinks Hannah needs to step it up. Kidding, Hannah. KIDDINNNNG!!

Post note: Hannah, upon hearing this challenge, said, "My achievements don't manifest themselves materially". Perfect way to put it, my dear.



  1. Congratulations to Luke. You must be so proud of him. Luke is an amazing athelete and lax player. I know is is one of the reasons Mitch loves the game so much! Nice to see one of the Scorpions recognized as well! Enojoy your visit with Hannah!

  2. Hey did you manage to get an athletically as well as academically talented boy? I should have asked you for that recipe! None of mine quite measure up to that....don't get me wrong they each have their talents but are not as well rounded as your boy seems....Kudos to you and Kevin for creating and raising that great kid!!! Mind you knowing you could it have turned out any other way? Great job and congratulate him--his hard work paid off! Now if I could only convince my boys to follow that mantra!!
    Your jealous (but thrilled for you!!) friend


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