Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tea - It Will Take Some Getting Use To

Anyone who knows me well, knows I don't drink tea or coffee. I'm a water girl. And if I need a caffeine kick, I reach for a diet coke. After I was diagnosed and I read more about the value of green tea, I tried it. I didn't HATE it, but it's something I have to MAKE myself do. While on chemo, my oncologist didn't want me drinking green tea in case the antioxidant effect interfered with the effectiveness of the chemo. But now I've decided that since it's more than 3 weeks since that last chemo treatment, it's time to start rebuilding my body to prepare for radiation.

Since the nutritionist recommended looseleaf tea over tea bags, I bought myself this little 1-2 cup tea press and chose a few different flavours of green tea from McQuarries on Broadway. What a selection of teas they have! Kevin and I just smelled some and chose a sampling. Yesterday I tried the cherry green tea, which smells heavenly but still tastes like ... tea. In other words ... meh! Part of my problem with drinking hot beverages is that there's a VERY small window of opportunity when it's the right temperature to drink. Initially it's way too hot and often, by the time I remember that "oh, yeah, I have tea to drink", it's too cool. It will take some getting used to. And then there's the act of making it, which takes a lot longer than getting a glass of water. I'll quit whining now and I'll just drink the damn stuff.



  1. Hey Heather! Try your cooled tea in a smoothie along with whatever else you might want to put in..I know I've found a few ideas on line for 'healthy' smoothies that include items such as spinach, carrot, apple, any berries or other can make up your own.
    Take Care and have an EXCELLENT trip!

  2. Hi Devy!

    Thanks for the excellent idea! I hadn't thought of using it in a smoothie and I need to start using a protein powder in my diet, which means smoothies R Us, anyway. That would kill two birds with one stone. Throw a little fruit in and ... requirements met!

    Much appreciated! Perfect idea for me!


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