Sunday, October 25, 2009

What A Game!

Wasn't that a nail biter?! I felt just sick when Luca missed that field goal.

Now don't you wish you'd been watching the game with these fan?! I do. This is my Uncle Norm and some friends. Uncle Norm lives in Nanaimo and is a REAL GENUINE LONG-TIME RIDER FAN! Big time. As you can see, he has all the gear including the "beer helmet". And, being the collector that he is, he has a lot of cool Rider memorabilia including a chunk of turf from the last game the Riders played in the old BC stadium and the turf is cut into a Rider "S" and framed. What a guy. I so like to party with him but have never had the pleasure of watching a Rider game with him. I doubt I could keep up!


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