Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Book Read

Last night I finished reading Michael Ondaatje's, In the Skin of a Lion. Hannah gave me this book and, in fact, had started reading it to me while I was in the hospital in June. That alone makes the book especially dear to me. But, of course, Hannah would only give me especially good literature to read, so it also happens to be a very beautifully written story.

The descriptions of Toronto in the early 1900's brought to mind Mark Helprin's book, A Winter's Tale, which I read at the beach one summer when Hannah was a toddler and it's a one of my favourite books. I was enchanted by it.


  1. I am listening to you at this very moment on the radio! You simply amaze me and daily you continue to make a difference for everyone!

    You are so amazing!

    Lesley H.

  2. Hi Lesley! Jeez ... I've been waiting by the phone and Oprah still hasn't called. What's with that? And no paparazzi's waiting on my lawn either. **chortle chortle**

    Really, though, it went by so fast, I hardly remember anything except my panic when I could feel myself starting to cry.

    Thanks for your encouragement, Lesley. On to radiation. Shooting for a new life in the new year and mostly leaving all this breast cancer business behind. And new hair. Someday ... REAL HAIR ... AND EYELASHES!!!


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