Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Update

Kevin got back late last night after a couple of grueling work days in Regina. It's good to have him home and good that it's a long weekend. Mom left yesterday while the driving was good so she could be back in Kyle for the weekend. Both Hannah and Luke are doing just fine. It's an extra long weekend break for Luke, too. I think they have Monday and Tuesday off from classes. No turkey for him, though.

After feeling pretty good yesterday earlier in the day, as evening progressed, I felt steadily worse. There was a tightness and bloating through my upper abdomen that was really uncomfortable and I felt kind of dizzy and just plain icky. In the night I woke up feeling a nauseated and got up to get a piece of toast to settle things but I never made it to the kitchen. Instead I was sick to my stomach. That's the first time since all this chemo business began! So, I'm just going to be thankful that it's only been once and it's right near the end. This morning I feel a little wrecked. My eyes feel puffy. Hopefully I'll feel a little better once I start moving around more. So far I've only gone from bed to kitchen table ... had breakfast and drugs, read the paper, and now posting here.

Yesterday's highlight was a visit from Lou! She brought such a pretty Thanksgiving bouquet and regaled me with stories of her travels, her family, and office life. I am constantly amazed at the pace she manages! It was so nice to see her and to have her here.


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