Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday Night Update

Sylvia dropped off this gorgeous arrangement today. She put it together herself with a mix of her own flowers and some store-bought ones. She really has a gift, doesn't she?! Thanks, Syl!

It's been nice having Kevin home for a long weekend and as frustrating as it might be for him to be thwarted by weather from doing a big yard clean up, I'm just as glad for him (and me) that he's been able to kick back with me for a bit. Kevin, being the more restless one, makes sure we get out of the house even if only for a drive. Today we went to Lawson Heights Mall to pick up fish food and a few groceries while we were there. Then we stopped by Rex and Erin's for a halooo before going to Jim and Lynne's for a wonderful roast beef dinner. Note to self: eat more beets. Lynne's garden beets were delicious! Well, everything was delicious!

Jim's been test driving a smart car so he drove me home in it! I had never been in one before. It doesn't feel so small from the inside. It's when you step out of it and look back ... you marvel that you were actually in something so odd looking and so TINY! The particular model he's reviewing is the "passion coupe convertible". Very cute. Red and black interior. So passionate! We kept the top up.

Today I feel more side effects creeping up. My face, neck and chest are more and more red, though I'm not feeling much of the heat yet. My fingers and toes are more numb ... and not just numb ... tingling and the ends of my big toes hurt just a little bit. Tonight as well I can feel the "tissue tenders" starting. My skin is a bit tender to touch all over. It started with my cheek bones and jaw, but it's now my chest, back, arms ... pretty much tender everywhere. I don't feel miserable but I'm guessing that this is the start of what will be something worse. Whatever. At least there will be no returning to this kind of thing.

Luke did the Run For The Cure yesterday with his lacrosse team. He was blown away by the number of people there and he said it was a good time. I told him that I was sorry he wouldn't be getting a turkey dinner there in Kentucky but he told me that some girls were thinking of making a bunch of the Canadian boys a real Canadian Thanksgiving dinner! Nice girls! Of course, I like to think that our boys are a little more "new age" and might tackle such a meal themselves ... had they a kitchen.


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