Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ahhh ... Finally Some Sleep!

Last night! I slept! Yippee!! It wasn't 100% sleep but it was sleep! And I certainly feel better for it this morning. Awake at 7:30. That's okay.

Yesterday morning and early afternoon I was feeling pretty good, too, having had a better sleep than the previous night. I felt it was important to get in a walk and that perhaps it would help with the sleeping. Mom and I walked to Broadway and cruised some of the booths at the Fringe. My legs were feeling a little wobbly after we got there and so we stopped for a bite and a sit before walking home. We treated ourselves to some bold earrings at 2 pair for $5! Aren't we special?! My body felt pretty worn out by the time we got home but it was good to have been out of my bubble for a while and using my legs for more than touring the garden.

After that, I hit the couch and things kind of went down hill from there. I didn't really feel very well for the rest of the day/night. Nothing specific. Just kind of blah all over. Probably fatigue catching up but still not able to sleep well. I dozed off and on during the Rider game but was able to see the win! GO RIDERS!! I hope Erin has taken the bag off Bobblehead's head. Today will be a better day. I just feel it! Since my chemo, it looks like my cheeks are permanently flushed and my chest looks sunburned. I read another women's blog last night and she reported being red as a beet from her eyebrows down to her chest. She also lost her eyebrows. I still have the smattering of eyebrows I had previously though they might have thinned even more. Maybe my eyebrow area not being red explains why I still have eyebrows but I lost all my chest hair!

The bouquet pictured at the top is from Don and Syl's garden that Syl brought over a few days ago. Such a pretty variety of flowers and lots of roses. The back looks quite different. Here it is, too. The box the bouquet is sitting on was made by my Dad. It's a treasure. The carving is so intricate.


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