Friday, August 14, 2009

Today. I walk.

What a beautiful day to be strolling about the yard getting the hems of my pajamas wet from dew. Or did it rain? Regardless, isn't it nice out?

This is a photo of our Monkey Paws plant and then a close-up of a bloom. Isn't it cool? We had a bigger one last year in a bigger pot with a lot of trailing greenery hanging down. It sat on the birch tree stump in the middle of the yard and made a beautiful focal point. Next year I'd like to do the same thing. This year we put the bird bath on the birch stump but have since learned that birds prefer a more sheltered bath. Next year.

Today, I feel good. Normal ... if I pretend I have hair. That's as good as it gets and one can't complain about that. When I say I feel good, we can usually add on, under our breaths, "all considered". But when I say I feel great or normal, it means exactly that, even though it doesn't last as long as I'd like with the way the fatigue inevitably kicks in. Still, that's damn good.

Today I have some paperwork to do to prepare Luke for re-admittance to the States. No getting across the border without all the right documents. Not just a passport for students. Oh, no. More i's have to be dotted and t's crossed. Time to pull myself together.

Added Note: Apparently the Monkey Paws Plant is more commonly called "Kangaroo Paws" since it comes from Australia. Here's more about the plant for those who are interested. We got ours at Corey Park Greenhouse for the past two years.


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