Thursday, August 13, 2009

E and Me

I had a wonderful day today. My friend, Elaine (E), came in from out of town and we had the nicest time together. We don't get together often enough and so it was very precious time. A luxury. I feel very sated, though we could have used a lot more time.

Since I was feeling good, we did a little shopping. I needed some essentials in prep for next week so we stopped at London Drugs. I'm glad Elaine was with me because she actually knew about some of the things I needed and had some excellent suggestions. I needed "artificial tears" (new to me), "artificial saliva", ultra rich cuticle and nail treatment stuff (Elaine knew more about those products) and very dark nail polish. Got it all. Now I just need to pedicure and manicure myself and I'll be ready for the worst.

We then poked around Winners before heading to La Bamba for lunch. And then we stopped at Sandbox in the City. Elaine has needed to do some shopping and just hasn't had time. She didn't plan on shopping today but I insisted and I thought she might have some good luck at this store. And she did. It was fun. I love spending other people's money! A sales clerk and I kept throwing stuff into her room for her to try and Elaine found some nice things that look great on her. She thought she couldn't wear brown. SHE SO CAN!!

One funny thing (warning: possible too much information), but the sales attendant was talking about these "yummie tummie tanks" they have that supposedly suck in your stomach or muffin top for you. I decided to try one on for future reference. Well ... it didn't look like it would be so challenging to get on but it only took a moment to realize I'd best take off my hair for this, so I did. Once I had it over my head, I wasn't sure that I would be able to get it over my shoulders but I did, all the while minding my PICC-line. And then I wasn't sure I could maneuver it over my bust. But I did ... eventually. Once on it was very comfortable and worked pretty good, too. It didn't feel as snug as the getting on would suggest. Note to self: get one of these one day. So ... now that I've decided how I feel about the yummie tummie, time to take it off. Easier said than done. I had it half way off and was feeling entirely trapped and helpless, unable to maneuver my arms in such a way to leverage the thing over my bust let alone my shoulders. I wasn't sure what to do. I needed to have my wig off to even consider getting the tank off and I didn't want to alarm the sales attendant. It was at this point that Elaine (thank you, Elaine), called over to me from her change room, "How are you doing getting that thing off?" "Not so good", I replied. "Do you need a hand?" "I think I do". I warned Elaine about my baldness, which didn't phase her at all, and she stepped in and helped wrangle that yummie tummie off of me! She and her husband have a cattle and grain farm so she knows all about wrangling. I would never have gotten that thing off alone! NEVER! We both had a good laugh imagining us having to shower in our yummie tummies if our husbands weren't around to help us out of them.
Here is the Yummie Tummie website, just in case you're interested. The video explains it all.

So we had a super time shopping, stopped at home for some down time and chatting and soon she had to hit the road back home. It was a wonderful way to spend the day with Elaine. We talked. We laughed. We cried. We ate. We shopped. The whole gamut. Oh ... and she brought me her homemade beet borscht, too ... with sour cream! Thanks, Elaine!

And now ... to rest.


  1. Aren't yummie tummies just what women used to be seduced into like the horrible girdles our mothers used to wear?? Personally, I prefer the natural look of the woman in the first image. We have curves; we are not all smooth; we should celebrate this! Perhaps she just shouldn't wear form-hugging clothing. She would look just as beautiful in something slightly less clingy. If we succumb to this, we are giving in to the fashion industry's insistence that nothing less than perfect will do. And it's making money off our insecurities. Let's be who we are! I nevertheless loved the image of you struggling with your yummie tummie and your wig in the change room. You have just taken this on, Heather, in such a natural way it is quite wonderful. As in my own case, trying to normalize the situation is really the only way to cope. We are all inspired by your example!

  2. Thank you, Nora, for being a woman dedicated to supporting natural women! I salute you! Still, on days when I don't wish to wear a moo-moo, I think I can be seduced by a yummie tummie (if not the name ... NEVER the name ... *cringe*). So, if you see me looking especially svelte, know that my flesh has been yummie tummied into submission! But I'll worry about that tomorrow.

    Otherwise ... just looking for a little "humour in my tumour". If there is such a thing. Well, yes, it appears there can be. Sometimes. Just sometimes.

  3. Hey Heather! I have to agree with Nora. I personally get quite annoyed with the whole fashion industry trying to dictate what we should or shouldn't wear and how we should or shouldn't look; however I DO feel we all need to be able to do what works for us as individuals! Ok..good to hear you're feeling better! Love your plants and am most curious about the Monkey one. Is this available at one of the nurseries in the city? Have a great weekend!

  4. Ditto on that whole societal pressure to have "perfect bodies", Devy. Then again, those of us who are no longer twigs or never were ... I don't know ... sometimes we are the most likely to succumb on some level. Just sometimes. Thankfully, my husband doesn't have any issues with my letting it all hang out!

    We've been getting our monkey plant at Corey Park Greenhouse for the past two years. I just did a little research and find that is more commonly called "kangaroo paws", since it comes from Australia. Here's a link to more info about it ...

    You have a great weekend, too, Devy!


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