Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Well. It's a Day.

After I got my injection today, I did get quite a bit done. Mom and I got groceries. I got some floors swept and washed. Some things put away that have been waiting for the right moment. Sylvia brought some frozen Saskatoon berries that we'll enjoy.

My tissue tenderness thingie has started, much to my disappointment. I had one really awful day of that last round but this time I hope it doesn't get so bad. It started with my face early this morning. My face hurts to the touch and has gotten worse this afternoon. I can feel it hurting without touching it.

Before tucking in for a nap later this afternoon, Mom and I stopped by my sister-in-law Lynn's place and saw their recently renovated basement. It looks great! So warm and inviting. When you don't have wall-to-wall carpet in your house you forget how nice it can feel under your feet. I wanted to roll around on it! Lynn gave us some lettuce and beans from her garden. Purple beans but she assures me they turn green when cooked. Cool! I've never seen such a thing. It was nice to see Graham and Allan, too.

Laura stopped by with some freshly picked Saskatoon berries and some raspberries from her garden. I had to eat one, plump berry right away and it was soooooo yummy! Thanks, Laura. It was great to see you!

Some angels stopped by with some beautiful bouquets and left them on my front step. The bouquet with the gorgeous mix of roses and other little flowers is from Don and Syl, I can tell. And the other two are both, I'm sure, from Patio! One of lilies (love them) and one of hydrangeas, delphiniums (or larkspus ... I'm not sure) and some other pretty things I don't know the names of. Thanks so much, Pat. Sorry I missed your visit. It must have been while I was napping.

It's so cool in our house. I'm wrapped up in my wonderful awful-law-firm wrap. Who would think our houses could be this chilly in August?

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