Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Little Fungi From My Bubble

I found this growing at the bottom of one of the boards that boxes in our vegetable garden. Cute.

I felt better as the day progressed yesterday. I felt stronger. What a relief!! That fatigue was getting sooooo tiresome!

I pulled myself together just in time for Kathy to stop by with a very thoughtful gift for me from the lululemon store where she works. I LOVE IT, KATHY!! Thanks bunches!

Then Dana and Kevin came back from visiting Kelly and helping Chantelle extricate him from the hospital and get him home. I hope you're more comfortable at home, Kelly. Nurse Chantelle will see to it, no doubt! She probably has one of those outfits, too!

It was nice to sit around the table with Dana and Kathy and chat. Dana, much to Kevin's chagrin, got me all worked up about the possibilities for our kitchen! It makes me want to start a reno today. AS IFF!! Rather, I would like to WATCH a reno today. That would amuse me.

Nurse Cratchet delivered my last neupogen needle for this cycle. Yeah! Nice to be done with that.

Today I feel not too bad. A little weary, but it's early. Once I eat, I'm sure I'll perk up a bit.

Enjoy your sunny Sunday, everyone! I feel and smell fall in the air.



  1. Good to hear you're feeling a bit better, Heather. I wouldn't be surprised if you were feeling a bit worse because you had such a busy day on Thurs. I would imagine with all your body is going through you need quite a bit of rest. Hopefully you are on the upswing now. Hang in there - you're doing a great job!


  2. Thanks, Lynne! I think you're right on the rest part. This drug either causes more fatigue or it's a cumulative effect. I do seem to be incredibly tired.

    Thanks for the encouragement. Isn't that a good photo of you? Not the fungi, of course ... haha ...


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