Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Princess of Darkness

I'm still here!!! And in fine form, I might add!! Truth be told, even with the ice gloves and ice boots, I was more comfortable during this chemo treatment than for some of the previous ones. We were there from 9:00 until 12:00 so it took a while but won't take quite as long for the next ones.

Nurses Ratchet (Kevin) and Cratchet (Sylvia) were with me ... being necessary eyes and ears. By necessary, I mean that after they injected the benedryl before the Taxotere, I was pretty much a vegetable. I could hardly speak and could only occasionally partially open an eye, though I didn't really sleep. I fought it. I had a tv in the room and I kept trying to peak at it because What Not To Wear was on and I always like to see the final tada moments. I missed some though. No biggie.

Mostly, I'm just glad to not have felt any of the possible immediate reactions. Now, I must have a long peaceful sleep. YEAH!! I'm leaving for the sofa immediately but I knew there were people out there who might be anxious for me. Rest at ease. All is well.

Love and hugs to you all!

PS: Kevin too this photo of our Princess Flower in bloom last night. It hadn't occurred to me to take night photos! He got a few really nice ones but he wanted this one for now because ... well ... it's a PRINCESS flower. So he named it "Princess of Darkness". But really, right now, PRINCESS of HAPPINESS is at least as appropriate.


  1. Oh soooooo good to hear, Heather! Sleep Well!

  2. Mons Amis,
    Sorry I missed you this morning....glad you got through it with your team of "naughty-nurses"....anywho....looking forward to our "jazz-hands-musical-video-viewing" time this weekend. Take Care!
    p.s...why was I not called in to do your nails? HMMMMMMMMM?????? 'Tis one of my many talents don't you know !!
    Love, Martha

  3. Hey Slurge sister....
    Glad to hear things went ok at the Champion Center today!! I would bet you had more fun than I did this morning....I ran 18 km in the wind and rain....Chemo even sounds like more fun than that! Oh well, running is not worse that a poke in the eye I have been told!! Hope you don't end up with stiff sore muscles like I know I will. Hope those side effects leave you alone and you sail through this treatment unscathed. Take care, enjoy the care of your two nurses and hope to see you soon!!! Gail W

  4. Thanks, Devy, Laurel, and Carol. It's evening and so far so good! YIPPEE!!

    Yes, Carol, can't wait to see you in musical action this weekend for our in-house movie date. I don't think doing nails at 11:00 pm is up your alley, Carol. You're usually in bed by then. But I was thinking of you. I suck at manicuring. One has already chipped. I'll try touching it up tonight but I can only imagine how disastrous that will look. You can help me on the weekend.

    Love to you all!

  5. Hi Gail! Oh yes! For me, at least, chemo would be easier than running 18 k no matter the weather. I just had to sit there. Easy peasy. Still, I might be willing to trade your sore muscles for my side effects at some point over the next days? Deal? I didn't think so.

    Thanks for checking in and I hope to see you soon, too. I'm keeping Alana's splurge date in mind and hoping it will work out for me, too.


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