Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Little Sunny Day Cheer!

Maybe I am on the upswing. I feel not to badly today. My mouth is still like chalk but that doesn't involve any pain and the inside of my mouth is tender but not as sore as it was. I had a few roving body pains last night but I took a sleeping pill (because Pat said I could ... and should) and slept well nonetheless.

I just tried a piece of toast with jelly and I can barely taste the sweetness. Still, it's better than total chalky taste. I guess I need strong flavours but have to be careful to not oversugar and oversalt.

Yellow pansies for Luke. They're so cheery and I like the little mini-daisies with them.

Enjoy what looks to be a sunny day, everyone!



  1. Oh good to hear, Heather! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it's all on the upswing! How is your appetite doing? I remember reading sweets or sugar not good. Take Care!

  2. Hi Devy,

    It's funny that with this chemo drug, sweets don't turn me off the same way (RATS!). But because so much food tastes "chalky", I seem to find strong flavours most appealing whether they're sweet or salty. Still, I'm not craving sweets at least. Mostly I don't have an appetite for much of anything and just eat because I know I need to and when I do that, I try to eat something palatable while still trying to eat something healthy. Today I'm going to try fruits. I'm sometimes afraid to try foods I usually like for fear it turns me off them in the future. I read somewhere that that's a risk.


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