Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Surprise Company! And A Day to Give Much Thanks!

What a day it's been! A good day, that is. I was feeling so good when Kevin got home from work that Kevin suggested we go out for dinner for a change. And so we did. Don and Syl were up for an impromptu dinner out so we and Mom met them at Original Joe's on the deck, no less! It was wonderful!

When we got home, another wonderful surprise! Lynn and Kathy were here (pictured above with Mom). Thanks for the hamburger soup, Lynn! Comfort food. I'm sure I'm going to especially appreciate it one day soon.

So nice to see Kathy again, who is just back from a summer on the cruise ship. Soon it's back to University for her.

Anyway, it's been a fab day and now I'm TOTALLY cooked! Again tonight, my cheeks and chest have started turning red. Mostly my right cheek. Isn't that odd? It's hot and red, but certainly bearable.

I got some great photos from other people to post in the next few days. Pictures just too pretty and enjoyable NOT to post. Just wait. You'll like them, too, even if you don't all know the people in them.

Thanks, Lyn, for the magazines and the nice card and photos you delivered to my doorstep. In perfect Lyn (Martha Stewart style), the clear bag with the magazine had my name neatly written on it with a big glittery happy face sticker! Lyn always adds those extra touches which are always dearly appreciated and admired.

Thanks, Lou, for the photos you sent. A joy to see. Everything and everyone looked gorgeous for such a happy wedding event. And all right there in your yard. How personal and fitting for your family.

Nice to hear from you, too, Wendy!

Thanks for the card, Cheryl, RJ, Mikael and Alexa. So thoughtful of you! And cheering. I like the little tenacious ducklings! Must make that me!

Alyssa, you're a sweetie! Thanks for promoting the Walk For A Cure walk in honour of me and other breast cancer peeps. Thanks, Carol, too, and to my splurge buddies who plan to walk/run as Heather's Support Ho's (or something like that ... hilarious, as always). The Walk For A Cure run takes place about 4 days after what should be my LAST chemo treatment. I suspect this will prevent me from being able to walk that day but don't rule me out. Look at today. Anything could happen, right?

I'll post the link here later for anyone who would like to join the walk/run or who would like to sponsor some of the participants.

Thanks, EVERYONE, for the prayers and wishes that I'm sure have contributed to my good fortune in having such a good day today.

Now ... really ... to bed!


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