Monday, August 17, 2009

Me Lads

Arden, Matty and Luke. Matty's already at Bellarmine. Luke and Arden leave at 5:00 a.m.

This first photo is of the boys after their shopping trip to Value Village (or, as Carol prefers to pronounce it ... val-OOO-vill-AUJ) and before they left our house for a "short and shiny party".

The boys LOVE dressing up! Here are Arden and Luke dressed in style for lacrosse. Sexy boys!

And then, me lads ... just being their regular selves. I'm sure going to miss them while they're away and I'll look forward to seeing them play in the spring when we make the trip to Kentucky to see them.



  1. Hey Heather.....quite the good looking group of guys that seem to hang around your house.....they help to keep your spirits up I am sure!! You missed a great time at Teandra's wedding---everything was beautiful despite the rainy day. The bride and her mother both glowed and her brother and dad were very proud of "T" as she is lovingly called. Hard to believe that any of us are old enought to have married children isn't it? I guess Peggy is a granny already too. A great time had by all and there were 6 out of 10 Angels there so not a bad turn out!! Looking forward to seeing you at Alana's splurge in Sept.....take care till then and keep kickin' this thing as I know you are!!!
    Your angel pal.....Gail W

  2. Hey Heather,
    Just thinking of you this morning with your boy leaving and all. These are great pictures of our silly guys ... I think they come by it quite honestly. Anyway, wishing you the best tomorrow. Take care!

  3. Hi Gail! I so wish I could have been at T's wedding dance with the rest of you angels! I'm sure it was great. I'll have to settle for enjoying the stories and the photos. Hopefully I can make Alana's splurge. Not so sure ... it depends how I react to this next chemo drug. I'm going to try though. I miss you angel peeps!

    And yes, there are often a bunch of good-looking boys (and girls) around here. But now there won't be for a while *sniff*. For some reason, Luke's friends don't come over and hang with my if he's not here. What's with that??!!

    Thanks for cheering me on, Gail!

  4. Hi Patty!

    They ARE silly boys, aren't they?! They're so cute, though. Luke's pretty excited about getting back to Louisville today and showing Matty around a bit before classes start on Thursday. I know he and Arden want to take he and Myles to Kudoba (their favourite Mexican restaurant) tonight. The boys have had a hankerin' for some Kudoba food all summer! I'm sure going to miss Luke and all his pals.

    Thanks for your well wishes, Patty! I'm growing a spine as I type!


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