Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rainy Weekend But Not Crying the Blues Here

What a lot of rain!  Still, I don't care as long as I'm feeling good.  We had hoped to go to the lake but there was really no point with all the rain.  The rain didn't stop us (or most of Saskatoon's population) from going to Costco and the Mall!

There were so many people at Costco, it was hard to maneuver.  Kevin and Kevin were mostly getting food for their fishing trip.  Then Kevin and I stopped at the Midtown (also crazy busy) for a couple of things we needed, namely eyebrow pencil for me and some Saskatoon Berry products for Luke to take to those helpful people at Bellarmine.

When we got home, some boys were gathered around the table playing Settlers of Catan (as pictured here).  Kevin joined in but he wasn't having a good game ... I heard a bad word ... only from Kevin!  If this was a close-up, you might see that Kevin only had something like one house and one fence or something ridiculous like that! It's just a game.  JUST a game!  Then the boys were off to a barbeque and I was exhausted.

If I hadn't been exhausted, I thought I MIGHT be able to stop in at Teandra's post wedding event (Teandra is Lori's daughter and Lori is a splurge angel), but I couldn't possibly have made it. I hope all the angels had a good time and that Teandra's day was everything she wished it to be, despite all that rain!

Today ... well, today is an Acton family luncheon at Don and Sylvia's to celebrate Cheryl and RJ's 20th wedding anniversary and to say one last family good-bye to Luke before he leaves for Louisville.
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  1. Hi Heather,
    We pined about not going to the cabin, but decided it would be a senseless choice. So we're trying to get odd jobs done around here. I agree - the shopping was crazy yesterday. . . Spent more time waiting in queues than 'shopping'.
    Glad to hear you're feeling mostly well.
    Pass a congratulations to Cheryl and RJ; and a good luck to Luke.

  2. Oh - and a good luck to Kevin with his fishing. . . Our boys had great luck last week fishing outside Victoria harbour. They brought in about 40-50 fish (salmon); and kept 14. So we have fish galore in the freezer. I'll have to drop one off if you think you might like one. Our crew are not big fish eaters; but seem to be acquiring a taste - depending on how it's cooked.

  3. Hi Laurel. It was definitely not a lake weekend ... sadly.

    Yes, Kevin will be fishing next weekend but only "catch and release". He and his group go bass fishing somewhere at Lake of the Woods where it's peaceful and quiet. The portage, tent, canoe and just have an all-round good time. No doubt, Kevin would love to come home to some real eating fish!

    We'll have to get together. I'd love to hear more about your trip to Victoria.


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