Saturday, August 8, 2009

What Are You Doing Here? You Should Be Outside!

That's how BEAUTIFUL it is out!!?? Even I shouldn't be here! You might notice that I'm very late in posting. That's because I'm too busy feeling good, escaping my bubble and enjoying the day. I'm back now for a nap ... still can't shake the mid-afternoon slump, unfortunately ... so a quick post before I head off to lala land.

I'm SOOOO excited about yesterday!! I felt really very good. After my nap, Bob and Jo came by for a visit. They needed to escape their four walls for a bit and they were eager to see our yard after seeing all the flower photos I've posted. Really, it's not that great ... individual flowers can't help but look pretty, right? We have hordes of weeds, though Kevin made a huge dent in those last weekend.

I went to Luke's 7:00 lacrosse game. Not the greatest game because it was pretty one-sided for our guys, but wonderful to watch them play all the same. It was also great to see and hang out with the other lacrosse parents, many of whom are official team members. My sister-in-law, Lynne, came to the game, too. It was her first time seeing a field lacrosse game and, I must admit, I'm not the best person to be answering questions about the fine details of the game. Thanks for coming out, Lynn!

After the game, we went to Ron and Patty's with some others to watch the rest of the Rider game (we don't have to talk about that) and to socialize! Just a little impromptu get together. Kevin and I were vibrating with excitement on the way there ... just getting out together with friends and feeling good the whole time makes us both SO HAPPY! We had lots of laughs and I even went really wild and crazy and had about 4 ounces of beer! It tasted GREAT! In some later post I'll tell you about what Patty said that had me still laughing as I got into bed.

I had a better sleep last night, caught most of Luke's 11:00 game (again, VERY one sided ... 20 to 0, I think), and enjoyed chatting with the other parents there. Patio and Jan had been volunteering at the Baseball Tournament in Support of Breast Cancer (which I hadn't even heard of ... it's the first one they've done in Saskatoon and will be an annual event, I believe). Patio brought me a t-shirt and a hat from the event and brought Kevin a pink wrist band, which he had been wanting for some time. Thanks, Patio! After the game and while I was in the neighbourhood, I stopped at Old Navy and got some new jammies ... my old ones are all on their last legs ... and now I'm home for my nap. If all goes as expected, I'll be at Luke's box lacrosse wind-up event at the Spencer's tonight. I'm really looking forward to it.

And, oh yeah ... I still have to have my neupogen injection. I almost forget. Good thing Nurse Cratchet remembered. It hardly seems fair when I'm feeling so good. It's the last one this round, though. YEAH!

This is a photo I or Don (probably Don) took of Luke last year. He looks pretty much the same!

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