Sunday, August 9, 2009

Time to Step Back into My Bubble

It was sure fun being a girl about town for a couple of days. But now it's time to slow things down. I came home from the party fairly early last night, not wanting to push things. Plus, whether it was the cooler evening air and that I was starting to feel a little chilled, I'm not sure, but my chest was starting to ache a bit ... where the PICC-line empties ... and I thought it best to get home, warm up and rest up. By the time I got home, every breath made my chest ache. I sat for quite a while and stilled myself and the discomfort did let up. But as soon as I got up to go to bed, the ache resumed ... not as strong ... and then my lower back started spasming ... quite painful ... and the spasms would sometimes run up my spine to my mid-back.

I lay still in bed wondering if I should get up and take tylenol but first I tried to just lay still and see if it would subside. It did ... at least enough for me to go to sleep. But when I get up, it starts again. It's not as bad now as it was last night but it's there. It's not quite like the tissue tenderness I've experienced previously. It's deeper. It feels like it's my bones that are aching. And that might be. I know the neupogen injections (the ones that work on helping your white blood cells regenerate more quickly) frequently cause bone pain in some people. I didn't experience any bone pain last cycle while on the neupogen but maybe I'm getting some now. I had my last neupogen injection yesterday, too, and maybe it was the one that tipped the scale. Maybe ... maybe ... maybe.

At any rate, hopefully it will subside completely today and let me get on with enjoying my remaining days of chemo freedom. Luke has a final field lacrosse game at 3:00 this afternoon and I would really like to go. I'm not promising myself, though, because that's exactly when I typically crash into a nap. My body just demands it and I'm not sure I can rearrange my sleep schedule enough to be able to stay awake from 3:00 to 5:00. Here's hoping.

I hope you're enjoying this beautiful weekend weather, too.

This is our calla lily and it's about to burst out a bloom. I thought you might enjoy a before and after bloom photo.


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