Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ready to Take On Chemo

Here I am dolled up for Chemo. I've got all my gear. I keep having to remind myself that chemo IS ON MY TEAM (he's just a real goon and has no sense of team spirit) and is NOT the opponent. I always get a little beat up when I'm on the same line as chemo, but, on the bright side, we're winning having the goon on our team. Kevin thinks that with a few tats and a little more hair all over, I'd look more like a UFC fighter (Ultimate Fighting Championship, for the unitiated, such as myself).

The weather has been so co-operative for me (unlike for everyone else) and it looks cool and cloudy. That means I don't look too silly going out bundled up for winter. Black yoga pants, long sleeved t, Luke's big, bulky lacrosse hoodie (need that hood), a Karen's soft and cuddly black velvet hat. Packed with me I have my wrap from my awful law firm pals, thick socks and slippers (for after the ice boots), a down blanket ... I'd look even sillier on a sunny day. I'm just having a healthy pre-chemo breakfast ... took my pills and I'm almost ready to go. I must say these sleeping pills are my friend. I can see why people get attached to them. I had a lovely sleep even though I got up 4 times to pee (because I'm also pumping the water, like I'm supposed to before and after chemo).

So I feel good ... feel empowered ... have a go-get-it attitude (today) and am ready to get it over with.

Okay, team! Let's go with chemo and kick some CANCER BUTT!! Thanks for fighting right along with me! GAME ON!!



  1. You look marvelous, as usual, even in your swat girl outfit. I noticed the slippers -- and they even are doing a parouet! Good job. You go Swat Girl!


  2. Thanks, Bonnie! I do love my comfort slippers! They are soooooo warm! I was hoping to SWAT down chemo but it seems to get the upper hand. Note to self: chemo is on my team ... we're SWATTING down cancer TOGETHER!!


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