Monday, August 3, 2009

So Far ... So good ... Still ...

The morning turned out cool so I wore jeans since the first time since chemo. It was nice to wear something different.

We got a few kitchen chores done mostly this morning while I was feeling good. It felt good to get some food prepped for evenings when nobody feels like making a meal. Kevin brought in lettuce and we got some cleaned and refrigerated. I boiled and peeled eggs ... cleaned out the fridge ... made more fruit salad.

I really wanted to get out of my bubble today so Kevin and I went for a drive and had some adventures. We recycled newspapers, stopped at Winners and bought nothing, looked at lighting at Home Depot and Kevin bought a few things he needed for his garage project. Then it was home for a rest and a nap while Kevin went to the lacrosse field to watch some hurtin' boys (since they just spent 2 days at Candle Lake on a "guys weekend" .... OUCH!) go through tryouts. Needless to say, Luke is in bed and it's only 5:30.

Hopefully my nap will have served me well and maybe I'll feel a little better this evening than previous evenings. I see the sun is shining. Niiiice!

I hope you've all had a nice long weekend!


  1. Hi Heather,
    Feels like forever since I last checked-in with you. I've had family around for over a week - and loved it but - like you, except for different reasons - am very tired now. 5 of my 6 sisters were here as well as Mom. And of course nieces, nephews, their spouses and kids etc etc. We had a great time. (Hopefully you didn't hear us from our back yard over there. Couldn't blame these parties on the boys!!)

    Glad to hear you have been feeling mostly quite well although tired. And glad to hear you have been able to sneek out of your bubble alittle. I must ask what garage project Kevin has underway. And please pass a good-luck on to Luke not only with the tryouts and Nationals - but also with his second year back down south. It's great to hear that 4 (from S'toon) will now be down there together. When does he head back?

  2. Hi Laurel! So that was the noise wafting in my window at night! Parties at Laurel's house! It must have been great to have so much of your family together at once ... and at your new home, too. You'll need a little holiday now, though. Fun but exhausting. I'm sure we all understand.

    Luke and Arden leave on the 18th (toooooo sooooon) and Matty and Myles leave on the 10th or 11th. Freshmen, especially international students, have to be there earlier for an orientation program. I'll pass on your message to Luke.

    If I have a good walking day and if you're around, I might walk down for a visit. It's about the right distance for me.

    Talk soon. Thanks for stopping in!


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