Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Prickly and Not So Prickly

Blue thistles. They're prickly. This is just before the little spikes break out int little blue flowers, giving a spectacular all-over effect. Globe Thistle. An appropriate name. They dry nicely, too.

Not so prickly is my scalp. After I lost my hair, Van shaved my head but because my scalp was quite tender, I was left with a lot of patchy, dark stubble. This round of chemo got rid of a lot of the stubble. Now I only have patchy stubble at the very top ... towards the back ... and on either side, above and back of my ears. Weird, huh? I prefer that the patchiness is gone from the front ... I mean, if I have to be without hair, let's be without hair already. I find a lot of the disengaged stubbles stuck on the inside of my sleep cap. Just sharing my adventures in chemo-land.

Bloodwork day today so I'm forced out of the house to visit the Champion Centre. I so much prefer the name "Champion Centre". Thanks for that, Ron. When I hear it and say it, I feel like I should assume the stance of a super hero and just the feeling of empowerment that comes with that physical straightening up seems to life my spirits and make me feel determined and strong. Afterwords, I then feel like doing the "superstar" move (for those who have seen the movie "Superstar"). That always makes me feel good in a cheerleaderish type of way, too. Double whammy of empowerment.

If you don't know what I'm talking about regarding the Superstar movie, here's a link to the trailer on YouTube. Her signature "superstar move" (the one I like to employ from time to time) is right near the end of the trailer. Try it. It feels great and it freaks your kids out! Bonus.



  1. ok Heather do the superstar move but no no rubbing your arm pits and smelling your hands eeeeew. Matty made it all safe and sound him and Myles sounded like they were having a good time yesterday.

  2. Hi Ron!

    Yes, Luke told me that the boys had arrived alright and were having a good time. A couple of nice girls picked them up at the airport, I understand. I hope you reminded Matty that he's not allowed to fall in love down there. I keep reminding Luke of that. He insists there are no good looking girls at Bellarmine, but I'm not so sure. I thought I saw some cuties when I was there. Is he just trying to placate me? Probably!

    And no ... I don't do the "armpits move" ... ewwwwww ... just the "superstar lunge"!


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