Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Evening Update - 5th Chemo Day

I had a good morning. I got a few things done around the house that needed doing. I surveyed the garden, as almost always. It's part of my bubble.

I did start to wear out early in the afternoon, though, which was disappointing. I'd hoped for a longer period of feeling quite good. Nothing specific. Just worn out. What made my day better was having Nora come by for an afternoon visit. It was a perfect day for sitting on the deck among the flowers and talking about more interesting things than my bubble! Thanks for that, Nora!

It was a garden and chore day for Kevin. He got so much done and I don't know how he managed to dig out so many weeds today! He cleaned out eaves troughs and is now undertaking a garage organization project. YEAH! Luke is at Candle Lake with his buds but will be back by noon tomorrow for field lacrosse tryouts for the Provincial team that will go to Nationals in Winnipeg.

Mom's been working on laundry ... still. There's seemingly no end of laundry to be done with an active teenage boy around! Well, yes, I can attest to the truth of that.

I had my worst heartburn today but just took meds for that, which will hopefully do the trick. I finished my last Dexamethasone for this chemo round so I expect sleeping will improve. More sleep tonight would be GREAT! I'm awfully envious of everyone who escaped the city for the long weekend.

I anticipate a good day tomorrow.

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