Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Night and the Boys Are Alright!

Another fun Saturday night. Thanks to the Spencer family for hosting a little party to celebrate a great season for the Steelers box lacrosse team (they won provincials with a record of zero losses). It was a small group who were able to attend but we had a nice time and the burgers were great.

This is Patty and I with our boys. Matty leaves on Tuesday for Kentucky and Luke leaves on the 18th. They'll be playing lacrosse together for the Bellarmine Knights. I wish I'd caught a photo of Arden, too, before he left the party. Nevermind ... I have a photo from last year of the three boys and I'll post it later.

One thing ... before someone takes a photo of me, please give me a wig adjustment first. Sheeesh!



  1. Great to see you so happy and congratulations to Luke from me.

  2. Thanks, Louise! Yes, it's been definitely nice to be a girl about town for a weekend. I'll convey your congrats to Luke! I hope you're enjoying a stellar weekend, too, Louise!

  3. Hey Heather,
    Ron and I looked at this picture and didn't think there was anything wrong with your wig... however the gal on the right needed some adjusting..ha ha Anyway, nice to be able to spend some time with you this weekend. Looking forward to more fun times ahead in the future. Can't wait to go to Kentucky with you and Kevin to see our guys. Going to Tuscany is also on the agenda and many more recipes for supper get togethers to try. So I am glad you are looking after yourself now because we have alot to do coming up.
    Take Care!

  4. Hi Patty! Maybe we BOTH needed adjusting. It looks like our boys were holding us up. Maybe they were!

    Thanks for the reminders of all the exciting plans we have for the near and slightly farther future! Kentucky in the spring to watch lacrosse will be a blast! I can't wait. And Tuscany. Our gastronomical vacation. I can't wait!

    Yes, I must get on with this because we are going to be DAMN BUSY!! Meanwhile I'm reading recipes. I am. I really am.

    Thanks for being available for a fun weekend.


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