Thursday, August 6, 2009

Debbie Downer Has Left the Bubble

... and Moon-Face-Buffalo-Hump has arisen ... strong and proud!


I had a couple of down days. To be expected. As long as they don't last, that's the main thing. Thanks for riding the wave with me. On an added note, the drugs I'm taking can, themselves, cause "depression", so all considered, I'm doing great.

I didn't just wake up to a sunnier disposition. Things started improving last night. First with Dave and Laurel's visit. Then, Kevin came home from the lacrosse field and had a nice chat with me and gave me some encouragement and told me I still look beautiful. Then Luke came home and when he asked how I was doing, I couldn't help a few tears so he gave me his "coaching talk" and reminded me that I'm already half way through and it's only 2 more months and then the side-effects will start going away and that I look good and he hadn't even noticed anything different about me. His tone of voice was all ... you can do this ... you're almost there. I think he'll make a very good coach some day. Apparently he already is.

And then I talked to Hannah. She's just back to Vancouver after a month in New York. We talked ... and talked ... and talked. I told her about my sad side effects and we both had a big laugh over what she suggested as my new totem name ... Moon-Face-Buffalo-Hump. It has a rhythm similar to Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo-Jump. I'll use that one another day, I'm sure. She told me so much about her adventures in New York and Chicago! It was like watching a movie. A great movie. What's great about having Hannah tell about her adventures is that she's so analytical and introspective and she looks at everything from various emotional and intellectual perspectives and then she includes those impressions and feelings in the telling so you really feel like you're a part of the experience. And her experiences were out of this world! Even she said it's still like a dream ... all the things that happened to her there. Now I can't wait to see her photos! Kevin can hardly contain himself, he's so fiercely jealous of her adventures! Envious in a good way, I mean. He just wants to hang with her and be a part of that. Me, too! Who wouldn't?!

I finished talking to Hannah just after 1:00 a.m. and I was still glassy-eyed with excitement and joy when I crawled into bed ... tired but happy. And here I am this morning. Pain-free! And, I note, no boa constrictor pains this time either. I'm sure they won't happen now that I'm done with the tissue-tenders. Things should be getting better from here on in. Yesterday should have been when my blood cell counts dropped to their lowest and they should start climbing now. If all's well today, I'll be at Luke's field lacrosse game tonight at 7:00.

So there. Feeling good. Feeling positive. Feeling happy.

And isn't this a gorgeous dahlia photo??!! Amazing colour! It's from my friend, Elaine, and it's in her garden!



  1. Hi Heather,
    Glad things are looking up, at least for awhile again.
    You have an awesome family. . . well deserved. . . and remember you helped create that wonderful family.

  2. Don't you just love your children - what would we do without them? They are truly the "Sunshine Of Our Lives".

    On Saturday there is a Baseball Tournment (to raise Money for the Breast Cancer Society) at Umea Vast Park. I will be there to volunteer from 8-12 at the Registration table, anyone who is interested in coming out in support please do so.

    We will win the battle - wear pink!

  3. Thanks, Laurel and Patio!

    Good for you, Patio, for volunteering! I hope to be at the lacrosse field while you're at the Baseball tournament. Let's hope for better weather for sports than we got tonight. I had to miss Luke's game tonight because of the rain. A bit disappointing but I'm sure I'll catch some other games this weekend.

    I'll wear pink!

  4. Debbie Downer, I am so glad she has left the building. With a name like Debbie she would hopefully put a smile on your face or a tear in your beer. LOL
    Hang in there girl! Like Luke told you, you are on the back side of the hill. Or is my case sliding down on your butt, going ass over tea kettle down the hill. I never can do things gracefully. Not like you with your battle. You are incredible.
    Debbie (Not part of the Downer click)

  5. Hi Debbie! You're funny. I actually thought of you when I typed "Debbie Downer" but only because that phrase is the antithesis of you! If you've ever put a tear in my beer, it's because I've been laughing myself to tears!

    Grace? You don't know me as well as I thought you did, Deb! I recall the day were little that I thought I would try getting back on my bike (after several years not biking). I headed down McPherson (down our famous hill) and was barely into the hill before I was, as you say, "ass over tea kettle". I didn't ride again for YEARS! Not until my new bike last year and even then, I walk it down that damn hill. It was a really bad wipe out. No ... grace isn't it. I think of myself as "treading water". Just trying to keep my head above the water and slowly trying to make my way to shore. I'm not much of a swimmer either but I can float REAL GOOD!

    Hi to Davie! Thanks for the encouragement and the chuckles, Deb.


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