Thursday, August 20, 2009

Unexpected Blast From The Past

Look what Carol dug up out of her archives! Carol at 22 and me at 21 on our wild road trip to Ontario and Quebec. We were BABIES!!

Don't you think that Carol looks like "trouble" and I look the "innocent, naive tag-a-long"? That was pretty much it, come to think of it. I was always an enthusiastic tag-a-long, though and Carol was so much more worldly having grown up in the big city of Regina. She's the one likely responsible for keeping us alive on this trip.

Added Note: Carol suggests that this has balanced out because of all the years I have since lived in the city and all the years she has since spent living in rural Saskatchewan moving often with Ross and his Wheat Pool job. I insist it's not the same but I'll let her have this one. Still. She really does look like "trouble", and bless her for it!


  1. Hey Heather, you haven't changed a bit --except now your hair is red isn't it??? You looked great then and you look great now !!! Take care.....Gail W

  2. You're TOO sweet, Gail! I mean ... REALLY TOOOOOO SWEET! I hope by now I at least look a little more like "trouble", such as Carol did already at such a young age. You guys taught me all about trouble. It should show. Thanks for your ever so KIND comment!


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