Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This Doesn't Look Like a Calla Lily to Me!

The "calla lily" bloomed! But this doesn't look like no calla lily to me! Now I'm not sure what it is! But it sure is pretty. I expect that all those other little spikes will be blooms, too.

And yessssss ... my camera is just fine! What a relief. I guess it just needed reformatting. All's well. The guy who helped me at Don's Camera was great and sent me home a happy camper.

Good thing I'm home, too. A little digestive problem has developed. That could happen with or without chemo, so no biggie.

Added note: I did a little research and learned that this is NOT a calla lily ... we must have misheard when we were told about it ... it is a CANNA Lily (thought not a true lily). Read about it at Wikipedia, if you're interested. It sounds like we'll be able to winter it in a cool place and replant it next spring. Cool!



  1. Hi Heather! Looks like maybe a glad?? Glad to hear you're feeling pretty decent & have some energy..Congrats to Luke. Enjoy the heat if you're a heat lover! Take Care!

  2. Hi Devy! I post-posted, just in case you didn't notice. It's a "canna plant". Interesting. No wonder I was confused. We do have glads growing. I hope they make it to the blooming stage. We've never tried them before.

    Love the heat. No complaints from me. I believe that each person can only complain about one season and I choose to whine about winter. You won't hear me whining about the heat. Not that we've seen much of it this year. You, I understand, will be tucking away in the shade.


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