Thursday, August 27, 2009

Company From Near and Far

Here we have my Aunt Ruth from Nanaimo, Hannah (from Vancouver) and Kevin.

Then, my Uncle Norm.
Lynne and Jim (both local yocal bikers) stopped by, too. Martinis all round, except for Jim, who had to go back to work, and me, of course. By the time I got the camera out, Kevin had cleared away the evidence, so I'm ratting them all out.

I think Uncle Norm would love to be a biker, too, but Aunt Ruth doesn't look too convinced.

Norm and Ruth are on a whirlwind tour. They have many stops to make before they're back in Nanaimo. They're visiting family and freinds enroute and stopping at some old haunts, too.

And then the party was over and we had to take Hannah to the airport. It was such a pleasure having her here and I was so lucky to have that time with her before she starts back to school.

Thanks for stopping by, everyone! Oh ... and to top things off, I felt much better today, too. I had such a good sleep (I LOVE MY SLEEPING PILLS) and was a lot less pained, today. I got my blood work results and all is good ... liver enzymes normal. Good news. I'm sure tired now! But good tired as opposed to yesterday's yucky tired.

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