Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Neupogen Injection Day --- No Biggie Thanks to My Personal Nurse

Hi Syl! I'm finally up and at it.

I had a bit of a rough night, though no fault of chemo, so I'm a little slower at getting going this morning. If I get a good nap in this afternoon, that should bring me back up to speed. I hope so, because there is a lot I'd like to do today if I can feel energetic enough. Groceries ... some essentials shopping to prep for next chemo drug side-effects ... other sundries.

Whenever you're ready to come by works for me. Just give me a shout!


  1. HIIII HEATHER from Ron & Devy! Great to hear your weekend was decent and you are doing reasonably well. Hi to Kevin & your mom! Take Care and as always don't overdue! Like your plant pics!

  2. Hi Ron and Devy. Mom says Hi back. She was wondering if Anne made it up to visit you. I had my nap today. Thanks for the cautious reminders. Often it is tempting to ignore the body or to think ... "I can just do this one more thing ...". NOT ALWAYS!


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