Monday, August 3, 2009

Mornings - My Favourite Time

Another beautiful morning. And I feel good. I hope it continues on through the afternoon, at least. I usually feel good first thing in the morning even if I don't get a good sleep. I'm usually hungry for a hearty oatmeal/fruit breakfast. Sometimes I have to get up in the night to eat, I'm so hungry (steroids, I'm told, and this is why so many women on chemo gain weight, combined with reduced exercise). Fortunately, for me, I'm totally turned off the kinds of food, especially sweets, cheeses, and doughy things, that would be a problem and when I'm hungry I crave fruit, cottage cheese, oatmeal, hardboiled egss, soup, dry crackers ... all good things. How lucky am I. Without having to be careful about it, I haven't gained any weight and, in fact, have lost a total of 8 pounds since chemo started. A girl who was already annoyed about her increasing weight has to be happy with that! Thank you, chemo, buddy-ol'-pal!

Now ... what to get done this morning while the getting's good? Hmmmm ...

This photo is of our ligularium (does that sound "dirty"? ... sorry) ... it's just getting started and gets bigger (oops again) over the summer. It's such a magnificent plant!


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