Friday, August 21, 2009

Virginia Creeper Mammoth

It wasn't until I saw this photo that I recognized the woolly mammoth in our Virginia Creeper! Pretty ominous, isn't it?! And how appropriate since I went to high school in Kyle, home of ... you guessed it ... THE WOOLLY MAMMOTH!! Enough about woolly mammoths. Some of you know the rest of the story and that's still one too many people.

Good thing we have all this Virginia Creeper covering our garage because our garage is butt ugly and is in dire need of paint. Actually, it needs tearing down but ... oh well. In the summer who notices?

I feel a little mellower today. After a good morning, I slowed down pretty abruptly shortly after 1:00. I managed to stay awake until my 2:00 neupogen injection but was in lala land shortly after that until 4:00 after which I was just a vegetable until I perked up a bit after dinner. Your chicken pot pie was soooo yummy, Auntie Anne and the bisquick topping was perfect! No worries! Mom made a crab-apple pie and even though sweets aren't my thing while I'm on chemo, the sliver I had was very, VERY good! Thanks, Mom.

Sorry I was sleeping when you stopped by, Terresa! I would have loved to have seen you. Thanks so much for the gift you dropped off. How thoughtful! I'm especially intrigued with the hummingbird feeder since Nora has awakened in me a keen interest in birds. I can't wait to see if I can lure one!

Thanks for phoning, Jack and Jodi! It was especially fun to talk with Meghan for a while!

Mostly I feel like the "high" is over for now. Maybe it's because I'm done with the dexamethasone as of last night. Maybe it's just the chemo. Whatever ... still ... not so bad. Yet. I'm going to continue anticipating okay days, at least, and hopefully that will increase my odds ... that and all your well wishes and prayers that I soak up through the cosmos and in person! Thanks to you all for that. I know you're there even if you don't say anything. I know this the same way you know I think of you. We just feel it or know it.

Safe and happy travels Don, Syl, et al.

Here's the other side of the mammoth avec compost bin.

Notice the yellow flowering weeds growing out of the garage eve trough here? Shabby. But cute. See how red the leaves are turning already? An early sign of summer's end. Hoping for a warm fall.



  1. Love the wooly mammoth and thrilled to have seen her in person this afternoon. Re the humming bird feeder, good luck. I am an experienced bird feeder, wise to the ways of the fickle little creatures, tempting them with various items to get them into the garden. You know my tale of the fabulous new feeder I bought at Christmas that they refused to come to for six months. I moved it about the garden, hoping to attract their attention, but it was too shiny. Eventually it got weatheredd enough for them to trust it. I have had a hummingbird feeder in the garden for the past three years, hung in various places. I plant hummingbird friendly flowers to attract them. Only rarely have I seen one, and not one this year so far. I just can't figure this out. I have the friendliest garden for birds of any type. Last year about this time we saw one at the petunias. I am hoping for some sightings this week while I'm home. On a positive front, the blue jays returned this morning. They are late this year. Usually they appear about the middle of August. I put peanuts out for them on the upper balcony off our bedroom and they come in noisy bunches early in the morning, often training the young, which is quite amusing they are so clumsy. They flap awkwardly through the deck railings and often miss their footing on the feeder, which is a large clay plant pot saucer. Yuck, I just took a sip of wine and found a drowned moth in the glass!

    Lovely to see you today though I could see you were not quite yourself. Nothing more soothing than mashed potatoes though. Good your Mum was there to make supper. Hope your oatmeal is as good tomorrow morning.

  2. Just wait, Nora. Blue Jays will be my next attempt. Kevin's Mom and Dad have also had good luck luring them with peanuts as I recall. I'll try to be patient about hummingbirds. The odds of my actually seeing one if one does arrive is a whole 'nother issue. They're so tiny.

    Our 'mammoth' looks so hulking! It looks much prettier from my window. It's getting so red now!


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