Friday, August 21, 2009

Go Fish!

Kevin left today on his fishing trip to Lake of the Woods with his fishing buddies! It's an annual event that usually takes place in June but for various reasons had been switched to August this year. Kevin had decided he couldn't go this year but I insisted that he go. He needs this vacation and he looks forward to it every year. They have such a good time and I will be just fine. They're all set up for any unlikely emergency. They have a satellite phone with them this year as well as an extra vehicle should anyone have to leave for an emergency ... which won't be mine, I assure him.

Auntie Anne popped by just before lunch and brought with her a freezer full of fresh-made goodies. What a woman! She baked a blueberry pie, cinnamon buns, a big and two small chicken pot pies and made two jars of chicken noodle soup! Kevin is so comforted to know that there's food in the freezer for me while he's away. Thanks so much, Auntie Anne! Mom also whipped up a crab-apple pie this morning. It smells delish!

Very tired now. Nurse Cratchet (Sylvia) will be by close to 2:00 to give my first of 5 neupogen injections for this cycle (oh joy!) and then I'll try to catch some winks before the Rider game.

The sunshine is sure nice, isn't it?

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