Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Good Morning. For Real!

Good early morning everyone! I guess that 3 hour nap yesterday means I didn't need 8 hours of sleep last night. So here I am bright an early. Not my usual state of affairs unless I'm feeling steroid hungry or unless other side effects are messing with my sleep. But no. Just woke up earlier than usual.

The only side effect I'm experiencing now is very innocuous. Last night I developed a very red and hot face. The rest of me wasn't hot (well, Kevin suggested otherwise, thanks Kev) and we checked my temp a few times, which turned out to be below what my normal typically is. So no fever. Good. I took my sleeping pill and went to bed and this morning my face and chest are very red. But again, no fever. No aches. No pains. I can tolerate not needing any blush. Or, more like, I can tolerate looking like I have a painless sunburn.

I'm going to hope for another feeling good day on Taxoter. Not so taxing so far.

Have a lovey day, everyone!

By the way, this is Kevin's night photo of the canna plant blooms. The previous blooms had to be plucked because they really suffered in the rain. I hope these ones last longer. Please don't rain for a couple of days.



  1. Heather:

    Glad to hear this round of chemo seems to be going so well. It did sound rather frightening. The ice bags on the hands and feet sounded horrible to me. My patients always tell me my hands are already as cold as an ice pack. Good thing they always have hot swollen joints!


  2. Morning, Heather! Hot, red face?? Sounds very much like a Rosacea flair up, minus the itching. Great to hear you're feeling ok! Take Care! Hi to your mom & Kevin!

  3. Hi Lynne! Yes, I was dreading the ice boots and gloves, too! But they weren't as bad as I thought they would be. That's encouraging for my next two treatments. I won't be as nervous or afraid, given that this one went so well in terms of all side effects and discomforts ... so far. Can't get too optimistic quite yet, though I take great pleasure in enjoying these moments of feeling good.

    Thanks for checking in!

  4. Hi Devy! My right cheek in particular is very red! Not itchy, though. I'm glad of that. I've never had a rosacea before, so maybe? Hi from Mom! Hi to Ron!


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