Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hannah Working

Hannah may be home but it's not all fun and games and taking care of me, though she does a fab job of that. Here she is working on an article for an art journal that she needs to have draft ready before she gets back to Vancouver on Thursday.

Today we ventured out of the house and visited the Champion Centre where my PICC-line was flushed and I had bloodwork done. While there I saw Alanna and Ron. It was so nice to have even that short chance to chat in person.

We then did some necessary drop off chores ... forms at Blue Cross ... tracked down the mouthwash I need, which London Drugs is ordering in for me and it should be here in a few days. A quick stop at Winners ... well, we were right there in the parking lot!

While waiting for me at the Champion Centre, Hannah was making new friends. A woman told her that her husband's tastebuds were off for at least a whole year but that the one thing that still tasted good for him was bacon and eggs. We stopped at the grocery store on the way home and Hannah made me poached eggs on toast with bacon and, you know, it was okay. Not as good as usual but not bad either. A lot of foods that I normally like just taste plain old awful. This was okay. We'll try that again when I need a flavour fix. Then I had a big nap while Hannah worked. I'm still sleepy so back to the sofa.

Darrel, Lynn, Otto and, maybe, Kathy are coming by for dinner and later Sharon will be by to stick it to me with the Neupogen (for which I'm MOST grateful). Tomorrow Kevin comes home. I've missed him. His fish have missed him, too, I'll bet!


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