Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chemo Crash

Well, I knew I would start feeling awful sooner or later. Today I feel pretty awful and worse as the day wears on.

The "tissue tenders" continue and are getting more uncomfortable. My mouth and throat have been getting more sore, too. My tongue hurts! I don't have any actual sores yet, but it feels like they're just below the surface. It hurts a bit to swallow, though food makes my stomach feel less queasy so I'm glad I eat even though my appetite is off a bit. Mom made me a nice, wholesome dinner. Mashed potatoes are good on a sore throat. Thanks, Mom.

I have some transient aches and pains. My ankle will suddenly ache and then stop. And then my thigh. And then my surgical site. Pains just come and go from place to place ... no rhyme. Probably good reason.

Nora stopped by, which was a bright spot in my day. She brought me some real trashy magazines to get my saliva going. Thanks, Nora. It's always nice to see you.

Carol and I had planned on a movie night tonight but I had to cancel. Just feeling too crappy. Hannah comes home tomorrow for a few days and I was so hoping to feel somewhat good while she's here, especially since I was at my very worst (in the hospital ... losing hair) the last time she came home. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow.

This bee butt photo makes me smile, though. Isn't it cute? You can hardly get near the globe thistles for bees!


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