Friday, August 21, 2009

Engagement Photos TOO Good Not to Share

My friend Lyn's son, Josh, is getting married to Gillian on September 12 in Canmore. A very exciting family event for them. Lyn sent me some of their engagement photos, which are just wonderful. This is just a smattering and it was so hard to choose.

By the way, I asked permission of the photographer to post them here and she approved. The photographer's name is Kirstie Tweed and she's from Banff. Check out her website at Orange Girl Photographs and enjoy more examples of her work. I love her sense of colour and time, framing and naturalness, and ... may I say ... whimsy! They'll make you want to be (or wish you had been) married in or around Banff.

There are more photos of Josh and Jill at Kirstie's website under the "engagements" category. Meanwhile, enjoy ...

I think, if you click on the photos below, they will open in a larger viewing format.

For starters, isn't this a gorgeous ring? Followed by a model-perfect couple, I must say!



  1. Morning Heather - thrilled to see the pictures of Josh and Gillian on your blog - what an honor! So happy I was able to contribute to your wonderful day yesterday. Hope today is even better.

  2. The photographer emailed me to say she was happy to see them here, too. Thanks again, Lyn! I love hearing more about other people's lives. It takes my mind off my own and reminds me of all the wonderful things out there ... and here, too.


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