Thursday, August 6, 2009

All's Well ...

Just wanted to say I had a good day today and I expect mostly good days until August 19, when I get my next chemo treatment.

My personal nurse, Sylvia, gave me a completely painless neupogen injection today. Carol and Helena kidnapped me for an outing and it was absolutely splendid. I laughed A LOT! Carol has deservedly earned a reputation as "the funniest person we know" (Garnet said it first), and she was in fine form today. Helena and I were killing ourselves! The places her mind goes ... how does Ross keep a straight face? Ever?!

Sylvia took me on an excursion to check out "hair fringes" to wear with hats. The shop brought one in for me to look at ... something they thought would be similar to what I already have. But I was disappointed in it and didn't like the look. It looked very fake to me and a bit harsh. I did bring it home to play with a bit. Sometimes it's just a matter of fussing with these things as well as getting used to something that looks suddenly different than the way you imagine yourself. I'll look at it again tomorrow and see what I think. I really would like one because then I would wear my hats outside of my bubble more often ... and I DO have some gorgeous hats! Thanks, Sylvia, for the fringe. I hope I can make it work.

The rain meant I didn't get to Luke's lacrosse game tonight. They won their game handily. There's another game tomorrow at 7:00 and as long as it's not raining, I'll go to it. I miss seeing him play and I really do love the game.

Thanks, Mom, for cleaning our bathrooms today. And Luke quite loves having a personal laundry attendant. Boy, is he going to miss his Grandma when he heads back to Kentucky and back to doing his own laundry. Who will iron his t-shirts then?


  1. Hi Heather
    I have been reading your messages almost daily. You have had me laughing, crying and giving you a prayer everyday.
    I do have a question when you said that you put on your "red hair" does your red hair look tame? Or does it have the appearance of being just big? just a thought.
    You really do have great kids(and Kevin) and it is so nice that they are helping out when you need them.
    So please even on the hard days you are keep us posted.
    Louise Stadnyk

  2. Hey Splurge sister....glad to hear the treatment went well on Wed and that things are going good. You are on the downhill now and speaking as a runner, the downhills are always good and we enjoy them!! Sorry to hear that you won't be able to attend the wedding next weekend. Was looking forward to seeing you, but maybe at the next splurge. I have a little giftie for you....hope you like it!! Take care until then and I am really enjoying all the flower photos and am being jealous that my back yard is not that nice!!!! Gail W

  3. Hi Louise!! Thanks for cheering me on! I was so disappointed to miss seeing you and your family when you were visiting Saskatoon earlier this summer. Laurel and Dave moved back. There's no reason the Stadynk's couldn't either! Such good times we all had together when our kids were wee poppets, didn't we?! We still miss you in the neighbourhood.

    Is your question actually a suggestion that I go strawberry like you? I can tell you that Kevin did choose a blonde wig for me to try and, when I did, things were very quiet in the room for a while! Yes, it was that bad. I don't think strawberry would do me any favours either.

  4. Hi Gail!

    I had hoped to be able to make an appearance, at least, at Teandra's wedding. You'll all have such a great time, I know, and it will be lovely to see Lori and her family in the midst of their fabulous great big wedding. Take lots of pictures for me!

    And thanks for coaching me down the hill. I'm no runner, you know, so coaching is a good thing.

    And there you go teasing me! Splurge in September, I think, right? I miss my splurge buddies so much, I was even thinking a couple of nights ago (while laying their awake), that on a weeknight when I'm feeling good, I should just have an impromptu splurge party at my house for all who can make it. Keep that in mind for next week if you're around. Next week I should feel pretty good and it would be great to celebrate with my ho's.

  5. Hi,Heather.
    This is a test run so we will see if it goes. It was super good to see you at the game! Hope for sunshine tomorrow and tell Luke congrats! How many goals did he score? I am usually on top of that.
    See you all tomorrow.
    Anonymous as in Cratchet!!!

  6. Hi Nurse Cratchet! I knew you could blog if you put your mind to it! YEAH!!!!

    I'm not a very good statistician when it comes to my kids' stuff. I'm just a "cheering Mom" ... not a "numbers Mom", so you're asking the wrong person. Though if you're counting, I'm always happy to know.

    I'm looking forward to hanging out at the field tomorrow afternoon and am hoping for good weather. Someone told me it's supposed to be nice. BONUS!

    Thanks for blogging and thanks for the lovely dinner you sent, too.

    Hugs! -- Heather


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