Monday, August 10, 2009

Congratulations to Luke!

For earning the MVP award for the Provincial Field Lacrosse Tournament! I'm very proud of my boy. I'm very proud of him without awards, too, though, so it's not all about awards, nice as they are to receive. I'm more proud of his dedication, his character, and the way he plays. Thanks, Gramps, for this photo.

Mostly I was just really happy to get out and see him and the rest of the team play. It's great to see the development in all of the players as they grow and improve their skills. They're a super bunch of boys and we're very lucky to have Al and Mike and the other coaches and parents who make this field lacrosse program what it is. So, thanks to all of them!

Yesterday was a beautiful day to watch lacrosse. Even though the final felt more like an exhibition game than a final (the senior Scorpions playing against the junior Scorpions), it was just a perfect day to watch a friendly game of lacrosse and there were lots of people there watching. I gave up my nap to watch the game, which meant I was a pretty sleepy and, by the end of the game, almost comatose. I didn't go to sleep when I got home either for fear of really screwing up any sleep pattern I might have. So I was pretty much an evening vegetable.

Luke had some friends over for some back yard fun last night. I LOVE when the kids come over and it was great to see so many of his friends. I adore each and every one of them.

My strange pain from Saturday night and yesterday morning has gone. Mercifully short-lived. Today should be alright for me, though I feel a slight cold happening (slight sore throat and ears ... must be careful) and I'm up earlier than I should be. I'll have a good nap today, I'm sure.

Bad news ... my camera is on the fritz!! ARGHHH!! I'll be stopping at Don's Camera store today. I hope it's something simple.


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