Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lily and Toes

Note to self ... "Keep your feet out of photos!" I'm going to be sad when the lilies are done. They make such a pretty bank of colour out our window. When they're finished, it won't be nearly so pretty. Must plan for more interspersed and diverse blooming times next year.

I feel a little less "pained" this morning after going back to bed at 2:30 and getting a little sleep. My skin is still tender but not as bad. Also, that infection on the underside of my arm from the first round is now a little pink again. My arm was tender and so I took a look in the mirror and there it was! I thought it was long gone! It doesn't look "angry". Just a little pinkish. I don't expect it to get worse but I will be keeping an eye on it now.

Off to the Champion Centre for "the works". Sounds like a car wash.

Hi Carol and fam! So sorry Milo is feeling poorly.

Happy Happy to Sylvia!


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