Thursday, August 27, 2009

And So Am I!

Good morning, teamsters!

I'm invoking the spirit of Batgirl today. We're kind of similar, don't you think? Okay, she has hair. But otherwise ... same.

What a good sleep I had last night. I think I love my sleeping pills. I slept soooo well! Good thing, too, because I was a bit of a wreck yesterday. I'm not sure if it was just lack of sleep of if there were other chemo effects at play, but I felt mostly like crap. I felt incredibly weak ... like I could hardly even lift an arm to eat. That was later in the day. In the morning I didn't feel very good either but I didn't want to miss out on some of the plans Hannah and I already had in place so out we went and did a few things, though I noticed I was moving slowly and feeling emotionally vulnerable. I'm glad we did get out and about even if I did feel off. It was treasured time.

We weren't out very long. Hannah made me lunch when we got home and I pretty much crashed. I was so cold and having shivers. Eventually it occured to me to take my temperature and it turned out that a low-grade fever was probably causing me to feel so extraordinarily wiped out. I did little else after that but lay on the sofa. Hannah went to her grandparents for a visit.

After ignoring the phone twice when it rang in the afternoon, something told me to answer the 3rd call and I'm glad I did. It was my Uncle Norm and Aunt Ruth from Nanaimo swinging through Saskatoon on a road trip. They stopped by briefly with plans to come back today to see Kevin and Hannah, too. Hopefully this will mean martinis on the deck this afternoon. No martinis for me, though. Yet.

By evening my temp had returned to normal (thanks, whoever you are! I was .6 degrees shy of 38 and DID NOT WANT TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL!) and I was feeling a bit better, too. New chemo side effect to report, though ... little itchy hives/blisters. Just a few scattered ones ... finger ... arm ... leg ... no explainable pattern. Also "restless foot". Last night trying to watch a movie, I could not keep my left foot still. I had to keep shifting it, flexing it. I didn't actually hurt, it just felt peculiar ... kind of like it wasn't mine. Weird.

Apparently Kevin arrived home sometime in the middle of the night (about 3:00 am). He's sound asleep on the couch. I'm so glad he's home!

Sylvia sent over an even more incredible bouquet of roses, if you can imagine! Between it and my sweet peas, my house smells so pretty!

Here's hoping it turns into another sunny day! So much for invoking the spirit of batgirl. Surely, she can do better than this!



  1. Hey Heather,
    You're right, I do see the resemblances with you and bat girl! Wow, amazing! I think you would have that pose down pat too!! ha ha
    Glad you have Kevin home again and got to spend time with Hannah. It sounds like when I am reading your blog that you have a busier life than I do and I'm not even sick. You truly do have the strength as bat girl!!!
    Hope to see you soon ...

  2. Hi Patty!

    I knew people would have trouble tell me and Batgirl apart! And it's not just the mask either!

    My busy-ness comes in spits and spurts. I expect a little down time, now. At least for the next couple of hours of nap time.

    See you soon! Can't wait to road trip!


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