Monday, August 24, 2009

My Tastebuds Died ...

... and I'm in Flavour Hell!

Still feeling icky. The side effects with Taxotere are definitely different than with the FEC. Here's my list (though it could ... and might still get ... worse). Don't be alarmed ... all of these are uncomfortable but haven't, and hopefully won't, get to critical. It's a list for my own future reference.

1. Food tastes awful. Because my stomach has been a little unsettled at night, I opted to try a chocolate chip bagel to settle things before I went to bed last night. It tasted like chalk. Really yucky! I've heard others describe a metallic taste but I don't have that. Just chalk, which I've heard described less often.

2. My throat, mouth, tongue and, subsequently, ears, hurt. Much rinsing going on. My tongue is white and a really odd texture. Might be burnt tastebuds.

3. Nose is moistureless.

4. Transient but repeating stabbing pains in various places ... ankle, side of foot, hip, groin, knee, cheeks, forehead, surgical site.

5. Aching back and other tender tissues.

6. Headache. I'm avoiding tylenol until I know where my liver enzymes are at.

7. Occasional uncontrollable eye twitching.

8. Weakness. I feel very weak ... physically, not emotionally.


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