Monday, August 24, 2009

Now for the Good Stuff!

Hannah is home. Mom and I picked her up at the airport late yesterday afternoon. How nice to have her here!

Thanks, Sharon, for taking some time out of your CRAZY (more than busy) life to stop by and give my neupogen injection. Much appreciated.

Thanks everyone for your encouragement and support. I'm finding this stretch a little rough and your words and thoughts help.



  1. Hey Heather...sorry to hear these DAMN side effects decided to surface but hang on to your mantra..'Short term pain, for Long term gain'!...Take Care! Hi to All!

  2. Glad your girl is home. She will be a great comfort to you. Have you tried ice chips for the mouth and throat issues? They are supposed to be quite soothing. What a beautiful photograph today Heather. This means you are up and about, however briefly. Hope you can enjoy the sunshine today. I picture you on your deck with your feet up, blanket cozied around you, surveying your domain.

    I am trying to take advantage of the week off to get some things done around the house. Yesterday I hauled the hose onto the upper balcony and scrubbed it down. It was quite the job. I had forgotten what a light colour it actually was! My horrible roofers last year left many spots of tar on it, and we also have a chokecherry tree overhanging it, so these days we awaken to many purple splodges that I have to deal with on a daily basis before we can go out and enjoy our morning coffee. There is also, of course, the issue of the many birds it attracts, which I love, but there is the fallout to deal with... splat!

    Hope today is better than yesterday.

  3. Hi Heather,

    I am just getting familiar with your informative and insightful blog--most impressive, as are you! It is not lovely to hear about your pain and suffering but your approach to this setback seems eminently sane and grounded. It is sad news that powerful toxins are still our most recommended response to a systemic illness--we need a better approach not to mention a safer, cleaner world to live in.

    I was glad to have a chance to lunch in your company the other day--even if the place (Louis') was noisy and food far from healing. You would think with all the brain power at hand.... I went to the river to swim and canoe a bit yesterday. First time this "summer".

    I send you my most positive and supportive thoughts and best wishes.


  4. Hi Devy! Yes, trying to keep my mantra in mind ... "short term pain ... long term gain ... short term pain ... long term gain".

  5. Hi Nora! Thanks for the suggestion. I haven't tried ice, aside from ice water. I'll give ice chips a whirl. Can't hurt.

    I had a hearty laugh at your references to "splats" and "splodges". Such a vocabulary you have!

  6. Hi Michael and thanks for your encouragement and kind words.

    I'm alarmed, though, that this is the first time you've made it out on the water! So late in the season! I hope you get many more opportunities while it's still the season.

    I concur with your thoughts on the sad state of affairs for treatment options and for the state of our environment that contributes to these diseases in the first place. It wasn't long before I was diagnosed that I had really started paying attention to those things and making a concerted effort to make changes. Now I feel more strongly than ever about it but it's not easy to get good, accurate information. So much is conflicting and so much of the information we can't trust comes from the authorities we should be able to trust. It's a challenge. I wish it wasn't.

    Hopefully, next time we get together, it will be a healthier and more soothing environment than Louie's! Someone's deck and a potluck sounds grand, doesn't it? I expect to be ready to celebrate come October so a harvest dinner might be in order.

    Thanks again, Michael.


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